Asheville Prison Books wants to facilitate a correspondence reading group with people who are in prison. The general plan is to select and source a book, figure out who will participate in this group, send them copies of the book, solicit their feedback on the reading, and then publish their material in a journal that we could then send back in to everyone who was involved in the reading group. We've never done this before, so we're excited to hear peoples' ideas. You do not need to be involved in Asheville Prison Books already to attend this meeting.

The meeting will be this Saturday (June 8th) at Firestorm Books & Coffee at 2:00PM.

The books we've selected is "Fire on the Mountain" by Terry Bisson, which is "an alternate history describing the world as it would have been had John Brown succeeded in his raid on Harper's Ferry and touched off a slave rebellion in 1859, as he intended."