Getting Involved

Attend a 'packaging party'

Once a month we gather to wrap and address packages of books for mailing. Packaging is hands-on, easy to learn, and social, so it's a great way to help out while meeting new people and learning more about the project.

Packaging parties take place third Sunday of each month from 1-3PM.

Since COVID, we've changed locations several times to keep gatherings as safe as possible while remaining accessible to as many people as possible. For now, most packaging parties are taking place at Firestorm Books.


Donate Money

We're volunteer-run, so all donated funds go to shipping books or printing literature. Email us if you want to donate or donate via PayPal.

Donate Books

We always needs lots of different kinds of books. We accept paperbacks, and the books we need most are:

  • Dictionaries
  • Educational/vocational/trade books
  • Fiction, especially written by people of color.
  • To purchase high-demand titles from our community bookstore partner, check out our wishlist.

If you'd like to donate books, please email us (ashevilleprisonbooks AT gmail DOT com) to arrange a dropoff.

Fill Requests

We recieve letters directly from incarcerated people requesting books. Requests may be general or very specific. We need people to read the letters and search through our library to find appropriate titles to match with the requests.

Shelve Books

It can be hard to stay organized when we've got a lot of book donations coming in, so we can use help shelving incoming donations and straightening up the books that are already shelved periodically to make sure the office stays tidy.

Keep in touch!

Maybe you have some other way you'd like to get involved, suport our work, or an idea for collaborting? Let us know! Email us at (ashevilleprisonbooks AT gmail DOT com) and let us know what's on your mind!