Poem & Pen Pal Request

Poem & Pen Pal Request

This poem was written by Thomas Neeley, a participant in our book club. Thomas is looking for a pen pal, so check out his info below to write to him!

Poem (Untitled)

If I was made out of gold or platinum
Would I be treated precious and rare

Or would I just be considered a burden to bear
I hope that you will always care.

Maybe people would think I had more worth and merit
If my body and soul were converted to carats...
Or would other people still try to attack me
Or would they lose me and discard me...

This corrupt world could care less if we perish
While platinum, gold and diamonds are adored and cherished...
How is it that a mere stone glistening and gleaming
Holds more value and admiration to people than us as human beings...

It's sad that the highest praise and value can be
Placed on an object with no soul and so small
While our precious life seem to hold
To this destructive world, absolutely no value at all!!! :)

Write to Thomas!

Thomas Neeley #0569738
Caswell C.C.
P.O. Box 217
Yanceyville, NC 27379