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"Levels at Work Camps" essay and art by Todd Pope

Todd Pope (#1317087), sent us the following essay from Catawba Correctional Center #4555 along with some wonderful art:

Levels at Work Camps

Each camp has its own rules and can be very different; it kind of goes with a program or is just another step toward working your way back to society life. This prison camp Catawba 4555 camp here in Newton, NC also offers this program called re-entry program which is a scam or a legal way to charge the government money for this mis-justice system they seem to call a "justified" system to make people that have been incarcerated be productive to society at any cost--just not theirs! Seems to be growing; there are even private investors who like that rush.

Most camps try to keep you on incentive wage jobs, which pay 40-70 cents a day, then state jobs, which pay $1.00 a day, and for a 1 year commitment you have ICP which pay $3.00 a day for dangerous construction jobs and slave laboring. Note that you still have to pay for medical treatment, large rent payments, transportation costs, food, and child support restitution costs and fines. So all these stories about tax payers paying $119 a day for inmates ain't all the truth.

In Wake camp they have their favorites and still may keep them on cheat wage for a year before sending them back to the street. After doing these steps your next step is home plan, which you and your case worker discuss hopefully before your last 9 months.

Your casers are no more than officers in street clothes and can help you or make things not so good. In Wake I asked for a transfer because of this; pretty much all of these case workers are a joke. You paid hell just to get in their office to talk about your case. What a crooked bunch there in Raleigh capital "city."

So now here in Newton, NC next to Hickory, while I see other offenders going back and forth to court, I find myself not in that group. My home plan should be parole and work at a home in a good location. But my case worker Mr. Edwards here in Newton Work Camp 4555 knows I have a warrant in Asheville and in Raleigh. Now that's a home plan. I'm sure my employer will understand and my land lord won't have any problems with it?

After them not giving me false teeth and pulling all my teeth, I'm going to have to learn how to talk again, and hold back my temper from all these redneck smart-mouths talking about no teeth on a daily basis. I still have no job, and hoping I don't choke to death. It took me 2 months to get on a special diet, which not once have they followed at either camp. They don't even have a dietitian here. My home plan seems to be at a shelter and walking these cold and rainy streets until I find myself back in here, because this system has a plan, which is that you are set-up to fail from the beginning!