We're thrilled to announce and share the second volume of the I/O Book Club Journal!

The purpose of the I/O book club is to bring readers together across the bars.  Each cycle, we select a book and send it to participants inside, and our collective also reads and discusses it. Then, all participants may contribute responses to the book for publication in a journal that is shared with everyone.  Through the journal, each participant can learn from and reflect on each other's perspective and can keep the conversation going.

This cycle, we read Ayn Rand's Anthem, chosen for its special significance to one of our collective members, and for its theme of liberation.

The current volume of the journal, which includes responses from 14 readers, is a testament to how much this project has grown since it began.

We hope this project opens the way for dialogue that becomes organic, and that engagement through literature can serve as the basis for growing relationships and friendships over time (and likely more than one vigorous debate!).

Already, we've seen these conversations span philosophical differences in many interesting ways. We've laughed and nodded our heads while reading responses, and also confronted content that doesn't reflect our own values or opinions, and had to sit with what it means create this kind of space for open dialogue. Each time we put out a journal we learn something new -- about the people involved, and the process itself.

We know this project will continue to evolve and look forward to presenting volume 3 in 2021!